Ocean Forest

中文 / 日本語

A genre-crossing combination of Amis chanting and string music distilled over a period of three years. Traditional Amis chanting meets Western classical string instruments, following the structure of modern folk music. The result is layered sound representing a surprisingly creative fusion of two cultures.

Having worked with orchestras several times, Suming, who has no lack of experience with the vocal tones of indigenous chanting, has found a surprising sweet spot in the fusion of two musical styles, applying the rich and exquisite variations of classical string instruments and giving us an innovative and refreshing take on traditional indigenous chanting, all of which is captured on the album.

  1. A Song for Fetching Water

  2. Women's Prayer for Rain

  3. In This City, To Write A Story of Love

  4. Don't Be So Quick to Say You Love Me When You Are in Dulan

  5. Our Promise

  6. Where is My Path?

  7. Joyful Drinking Song

  8. Wonderful Day

  9. Distant Seas

  10. Amis

  11. Shingo