中文 / 日本語

There are a plethora of languages in this world, and each language is like a melody; Indigenous languages are rather unusual melodies, not just in their unpretentious style, but also in the sense of immediacy that can cross time, from electronic music to traditional chants, from folk rock to world music.

This creative Amis-language album sounds so smooth you'll be surprised and amazed at how easy borders can be crossed in music. If you're a bit tired of the Chinese and English songs you normally listen to, this album will be a memorable alternative. It can be the first album you listen to in a second language! Let's enjoy the exoticism of Amis culture together.

  1. Our Promise

  2. ho hay yan

  3. Young Guys

  4. Beautiful Girls

  5. Moonlight

  6. Where My Heart Belongs

  7. Joyful Drinking Song

  8. Women's Prayer for Rain

  9. Where is My Path?

  10. Bells

  11. Dulan Youth Gathering Song