Salute to The Origin of Myself

中文 / 日本語

In daily life, we gradually carve ourselves out from the block of our original form. It’s only if we’re daring enough that we can enjoy these unique moments, through sincerity, pride, and passion.

I came from Dulan to the big city, and then ventured overseas, and saw all the colors of the world, and all the different kinds of people in it. I left a set of footprints behind me, and turned it all into musical notation - works which were an accumulation of each moment, which is why I am the Suming I am today.

And today, I just want to return to my origins, simply singing a few songs dedicated to all of you, and to the Suming that once was.

Let’s all salute the origins of ourselves!

  1. Don't Let Your Tears Fall (Exploding Version)

  2. The Beginning

  3. Ten Years

  4. If Love Songs Were All the Same

  5. Don't Let Your Tears Fall feat. Fran (Midnight Version)