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Suming, just like everybody else, was unable to decide into which family he would be born, or to what tribe and in what conditions, but we can decide what we want to do in life. There's nothing groundbreaking about releasing an album in his indigenous mother tongue, but it's through music that language barriers can be crossed, and from there that we see the courage it took to make this decision. Suming is a poet from beside the sea, he is from the Amis tribe, and his songs are like waves, it doesn't matter if you don't understand them, because you feel them every time they hit the shore. He has transformed himself into a tribal warrior, with song as his only weapon, allowing everyone to fall in love with his pretty hometown.

  1. Amis

  2. John Suming

  3. Don't Be So Quick to Say You Love Me When You Are in Dulan

  4. A Song for Fetching Water

  5. Shingo

  6. Seediq Girl

  7. Distant Seas

  8. Solo

  9. Wind

  10. A Walk in the City

  11. I Love You