Halafinto caay ka sasoaraw kita 好久不見了


【好久不見了】因疫情而生,也是下半年 Suming 給予的祝福。

因為疫情,Suming 整個夏天都在都蘭居家工作。





Halafinto caay ka sasoaraw kita (Long Time)

Due to the pandemic, Suming has been working at home in Dulan throughout the summer. While unable to go out freely, Suming has been focusing on his passion for music creation. With an energetic melody and traditional singing style, Suming conveys his feelings to everyone through music. This is also a blessing from Suming for the second half of the year.



【お久しぶりです】はパンデミックによって生まれ、下半期Suming に与えられる祝福だ。

パンデミックのため、Suming は夏の間ずっと都蘭の家で働いています。