Amis Life

中文 / 日本語

A singer with strong ties to the Pacific Ocean - Suming has created his first solo album in Mandarin - 'Amis Life'. When you hear the name Suming, you think of Dulan. Suming uses the simplest means to put the aesthetics of Amis Life beside the sea into song.

This was his first time undertaking an entire album in Mandarin, capturing dreams, music, tribal land and the many faces of Suming in life, with an ingenious and humorous pairing of conflicting things. It constitutes the creation of his own Amis Life, a creation from beside the sea, simple yet full of energy, wave after wave of song like ocean spray, penetrating to the heart.

  1. Cheering for Myself

  2. A Small Getaway

  3. No Problem

  4. In a Rush

  5. Corner

  6. Lover's Bag of Amis

  7. Candy

  8. Please Don't Dump Your Garbage

  9. Whose Flowers Are in Bloom?

  10. Ordinary